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Provide Brand Strategy, Identity, Marketing, And Communication Tools For Personal Brands & Small Businesses.
Purchase, rehab, and rent out quality affordable housing to long term residential tenants.
Recruit, interview, and hire talented individuals for an award-winning engineering firm.
"... Helping businesses effectively execute work, while growing more profit for their brands...."
- Christopher De Ruyter
CRD Ventures, LLC
Christopher De Ruyter (pronounced de-writer) is passionate about helping brands succeed and achieve their full potential. He believes that in our increasingly competitive world, every quality brand deserves a fighting chance to earn its position as the go-to option for its target customers.

Ever since his college days, Chris has been working with very well-known brands. He has worked directly for a NFL Football Team, and for a Fortune 500 consumer products company. He later became part owner of the engineering consulting firm he worked at, and gained more first-hand experience by helping a variety corporate brands achieve their business goals.

Brands include: Green Bay Packers, Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Huggies®, Kleenex®, Scott®, VIVA®, KC Professional®, Costco, Kirkland Signature®, Procter & Gamble, Charmin®, Bounty®, Gillette®, Duracell®, the United States Postal Service, Johnson & Johnson, Post Foods, Mondelez, Campbell’s Soup Company, and more.

Chris currently serves as a recruiter for an awarding winning engineering consulting firm in the greater Green Bay area.

Chris established his first own company in 2012, as the CEO/Founder of his real estate investment property business, CRD Ventures, LLC. He was able to build a portfolio of 6 rental units for less than $180,000 via foreclosures and estate sales. To this day, he still manages his successful holdings in this business, and provides multiple families with quality affordable housing.

In the second half of 2017, Chris also founded a brand consulting firm that has since evolved into This site provides brand builders with the tools, information, and support they need to effectively grow their profits. Since its inception, Chris has already delivered over a dozen projects to his small business and personal branding clients.

Mr. De Ruyter is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin system, where he earned his Bachelors of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Chris comes from a family of four and has two sisters and a brother.
His parents still live in the same home he grew up in.

Chris was married in July 2019, and together with his wife, they are parents of two amazing children, a daughter and a son.
Chris has a strong network of friends he met through high school, college, and his professional life.

He regularly enjoys meeting and working with new people.
"... Chris was fantastic as a mentor to me…. He empowered me to complete multiple projects that I would not have had the confidence to attempt otherwise..."
- Barrett Hoover, Intern
Chris purchased his first investment property in the Fall of 2011.  He then founded his first business, CRD Ventures, LLC, in the fall of 2012.  Later in 2013, he added an apartment complex to his portfolio. 

He now owns and manages 6 units and is interested in adding more properties.
"... One of my favorite Landlords I had... I'd definitely rent from Chris again in the future..."
- Stephanie Cody, Tenant
Chris has traveled extensively for work, and also in his free time.  He has international experience with many places including Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Costa Rica, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Germany, and Spain.
Chris enjoys running and participating in public fitness events like half marathons, Tough Mudders, and triathlons.
"... Chris has always been an absolute joy to work with.  He is a true team player..."
- Jim Makosky, Project Manager
Wednesday, 4:07 pm

From Christopher DeRuyter
Green Bay, Wisconsin

Hi there,

I have a secret to tell you…

It’s one that I’ve been holding onto for a really long time,

And I’m going to share it with you today.

It’s something very powerful.

It changed my life forever,

And I know it has the power to change your life too.

It all started back in 2010.

At that time, I just moved back to my hometown after living/working in Seattle, WA for the previous three years.

I had everything going for me.

I was newly married, we had a cute puppy together named Miles, I accepted a promotion to fill an open engineering position, and I just bought us a beautiful new home in a great neighborhood…

I was doing exactly what I went to college for and was applying my Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

I was working directly on the assets that produced some of the world’s most well-known consumer brands, such as Huggies®, VIVA®, and Kleenex®.

I was on top of the world. Life was great.

Then after about five months of being in the exact spot where I “thought” my life was supposed to be,

... My wife told me she didn’t know if she want to be married anymore.

... It was becoming clear that my new boss overworked and stressed out his employees.

And all of a sudden,

Just like that, my heart had been crushed, and my job burned me out to the max.

… I was going through a divorce at home,

… I hated going to work,

… And those two things ate at me every day, as I drove 50 miles each way between the two.

As a church-going Christian, I couldn’t believe it. My life was flipped upside down.

How could these bad things happen to me? What did I do wrong?

It was a constant feeling of being pulled down…

Like there was no way out of my day-to-day misery...

Having low self confidence, I felt like “... Why are all of my friends so successful, and why can’t I figure out how to be too?...”

I knew I had to find a way out of the daily rock-bottom cycle I was in.

A way to expect more good things out of life.

But as I would come to find out,

These negative things turned out to be massive blessings in disguise.

Because at the same time as these negative things were happening in my life,

A few of my friends and I started getting together to hold monthly “mastermind” meetings.

At these meetings we openly talked about our goals, and what plans we had to achieve them.

And something started happening...

I was beginning to learn how to acquire the tools, information, and support I needed to work toward reaching my goals for a better life.

… My mastermind friends had become my primary advocates for my personal success.

… I began to hold myself accountable for my actions, taking calculated risks when appropriate.

And I realized there are two kinds of people… “The Talkers” and “The Do-ers”.

The “talkers” always say… they should have, would have, will someday, and so on…

They rarely, if ever, take action toward their goals and dreams.


The “do-ers” turn their goals and dreams into actionable plans that are proven to work.

And right around the same time that my divorce was finalized in March of 2011, I was starting to become a “do-er” of my own.

I learned the "secret" that I needed to make a positive change in my life.

One of the very first things I did was search out a better job.

In the Fall of 2011, I resigned from my old job, and accepted a great position at a local engineering consulting firm.

I was now an engineering consultant and project manager for more of the world’s most well known consumer brands, such as Gillette®, Charmin®, and Bounty®.

I worked with our client’s engineering, operations, and marketing teams,

And turned their brand’s process improvements, growth plans, and product launches into a reality.

At this new job, I was initially paired up to work with a project manager named Frank.

And as we got to know each other over the next few months,

He became my primary advocate for my professional success.

It was at this time that I began to notice I had already drastically improved my environment from where it was 1-year before.

I was single again and really enjoyed the new company I was working at.

My heart was starting to heal and my attitude was continuing to get better.

I liked that feeling… a lot.

So at our ongoing mastermind meetings with my friends, 

I continued to create and execute plans that started getting me more of the things I wanted in life...

… I wanted to invest in real estate. So I did some research, came up with a plan, found a way to make a down payment, established my own business, and became the Landlord of my first rental property.

… I wanted a boat. So I did some research, saved up some money, and bought a boat.

… I wanted to travel around Europe. So I did some research, came up with a plan, and I backpacked through Europe.

Every time I did something exciting and new,

Both the “talkers" and the "do-ers” were around to give me their input...

And I’m glad that the “do-ers” in my mastermind group were always the people I listened to...

… I got in great shape running races, tough mudders, and triathlons.

… I started dating again.

… I took a one-way flight to New York to buy a new car and drive it home.

… I flew to the Hangout Festival in Gulf Shores, AL and saw my favorite band in concert.

… I bought an apartment complex.

… I traveled around the USA with friends, family, coworkers, and girlfriends.

… I sold that beautiful new home I didn’t need anymore, and made a down-payment on a modest home that affords me other luxuries in life.

… I met the amazing woman I ended up marrying.

All this happened, because of the "secret" I'm going to share with you.

This success in my personal life was also leading to more success in my professional career.

I was offered part ownership of the engineering consulting firm I worked for.

And in the Summer of 2015, I was promoted to an engineering resource manager.

It was here where I became responsible for staffing engineering projects for over a dozen of the world’s most well known consumer brand companies including Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Post Foods, United States Postal Service, and Campbell’s Soup.

I had a team of approximately 30 technical resources working on hundreds of projects a year,

And I worked hard to ensure each one of them was continuously scheduled on the right projects for their skill set.

This is where I got the opportunity to learn how to help people.

… I screened resumes, interviewed candidates, and hired talented individuals.

… I mentored and coached my teammates how to successfully follow specific plans to become better at their skills.

… I hosted large corporate outings including picnics, baseball games, food tours, etc.

… I got to understand the importance of providing feedback and recognizing people for success.

Then in December of 2016, in the pursuit of even bigger goals, I joined another mastermind community of successful individuals.

It was at this time, I was told something amazing that changed my life again.

“Goal setting is dead. This is what you should be doing instead...”

I learned that creating and following my own plans was an ok way to accomplish goals,

But executing proven systems was even better.

Truly high successful “do-ers” are the ones who seek-out and apply already proven systems to get everything they want out of life.

As the Spring of 2017 approached, incoming project work at the office had been slow for some time, and I made the decision to switch gears, focus on my personal life, and build a family of my own.

I took the skills I have gained over my years as an engineer, consultant, and manager, to continue helping more people.

… I accepted a role as process coordinator for a growing building materials supplier.

… I became the father of an amazing little girl.

… I founded a website that helps individuals and businesses effectively grow and market their own brands using proven systems. And since starting this venture, I have already been able to help around a dozen brands.

… Got married again to an amazing wife in July of 2019.

... and became the father of my son in February of 2021.

After I got married and established a family, I decided it was time to refocus on my career.  So in June of 2021, I re-joined my previous employer, and am now serving as a corporate recruiter. 

… So…

If you’re wondering what my "secret" is…

It is this.

Every single day, whether you see it or not,

I am following systems to create success in my life.

Maybe I get my work ethic from growing up on a dairy farm,

But I am continually taking action to grow and learn how to become the very best I can be.

There is an upside of going through hardship and meeting challenges.

Without even realizing it these past 11 years, I’ve earned over seven-figures while building a strong brand for myself by helping people with these things:

... Providing engineering and technical support on projects for growing companies.

... Developing successful brands for others through the use of proven systems.

... Leading people and teams to achieve their intended results.

This brand is who I am, and what I enjoy doing.

All because of the things that happened to me back in 2010.

So if you are also a "do-er" who is focused on building successful brands, 

And want some support on the journey,

Feel free to reach out and join me.

I enjoy building relationships and networking with like-minded people.

Let's succeed together.

To Your Success,

"... I am certain his friendly personality and professional skills will meet your needs..."
- Ned Boff, Electrical Engineer
Over 15 Years Of Helping Brands Attract More Customers And Sales
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